Miraculous Conception
After I got married, I became concerned about conceiving because I had not had my menstrual period for eight months and it seemed like I had some hormonal issues. I spoke to Pastor about the missing menstruation and when he asked if It was because I was pregnant, I said no; that it was a medical defect.

Pastor assured me, that God does not need my monthly flow, neither does He need my eggs or tubes or womb to give me a baby; God only needs my faith. Pastor prayed for me then asked me to still submit myself for medical examination and treatment.

However, while I was waiting for the medical procedure to start, I discovered that I had conceived and eventually gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Shortly after the delivery, my period returned and has since normalized.
I Reaped Above Beyond
I helped Pastor to pay for something that he was supposed to refund the money for, but I just felt like blessing him and decided to sow that money as a seed instead. At this point in time, I was working in a bank and needed a car but I could not afford to buy one. When I told Pastor my decision to sow, he prayed and blessed me.

Soon after this, my boss gave me and three colleagues a hundred thousand dollars each to sell and specified the rate we were to sell for.

Within 48hours, the other three people had sold off theirs but for some reason, I just could not sell mine.

I even called all the contacts on my list, and while some showed interest at first, they still did not buy. Fortunately, my Boss had travelled, and was due back at the weekend so, I had a bit of time on my hands to still sell the dollars.

Another client promised to buy from me but then also cancelled which made me fidgety, because though the demand for foreign exchange was high, I was unable to sell.
Surprisingly, by Saturday the dollar rate suddenly and extraordinarily went up, so everyone started scrambling to buy. Even those who had cancelled on me earlier called back, and were ready to buy at whatever my rate was.

I then sold the dollars, remitted the agreed sum to the bank and was still left with enough to buy the particular car that I wanted, as well as some tangible extra.
Pastor paid us a visit and I narrated my challenges to him. We had just moved back into the country and nothing seemed to be working. I did not have a job then and my husband who had done some Government contracts about five years before then, was still waiting to be paid.

At the same time, our children were denied admission into a School which I really wanted them to attend and I needed a car.

Pastor told me to give him any seed I had in my hand and I told him I only had a N100 (one hundred naira), which he collected and then prayed with me.

Before the end of that month, the particular Government agency called my husband and paid up all the pending funds he was owed for about five years. From the proceeds of that payment alone, we were able to get a new house on Lagos Island. The School where my children were turned down and denied admission called back and offered them admission.

Also, my job and car challenges were resolved in one package through a merger between two oil companies that someone recommended me to work on.

I managed the contracts for the merger for which I was paid handsomely and the company also bought me a brand-new car. I was eventually employed by the same company.

The beautiful part is that all these turn around in our family happened within the space of one month after I sowed that seed and Pastor prayed for me.
Bone Defect Corrected
I had told Pastor about my son, who had one leg somewhat bowed and shorter than the other leg. It was so bad that the boy could not walk properly, and leaned on the bent side.

I had earlier consulted a pediatrician who said since it was not curved, it was nothing to worry about and that in about five years, the bone would stretch out, even though, it will never be completely straight. The Doctor recommended that I could also take him to the Orthopedic Hospital for a procedure that will probably require breaking the bone and rearranging it, so it can adjust, but I refused.

When Pastor visited us, he asked if I would consider the orthopedic procedure but I said no, but that he should just prophecy, which he did and he left.

Shortly after then, Pastor saw us again, and noticed that my son’s leg was still bent, so he asked if I would consider going to see the doctor, but again I said no, but he should prophecy and again, he did.

The third time we saw Pastor, he asked, “are you sure you don’t want to take him to see the Doctor?” I said no, prophesy again, and he prophesied that third time and we went home.

That night we all went to bed as usual and woke up the next morning to discover that the bone had miraculously straightened. Even my son did not notice and just went about normally, but then his sister called out for me and pointed our attention to his leg.

The leg which was shorter had stretched out and straightened. This total healing happened within three months, as opposed to the Doctor’s five-year projection which still did not have a guarantee of complete straightening.
I had written and passed exams to gain admission into a higher institution in Nigeria, but did not meet up with the cut off mark for the course and school.

Pastor prayed for me but at this time, they had already taken the first batch. When the second list came out, my name still was not on it. I mentioned this to Pastor and he prayed with me again then told me to trust God.

The final list came out and my name was still not on the batch. Pastor told me to still hold on to God and believe that He can make a way even where there appears to be no way.
By this time, it was already a day to the matriculation, after which all admissions would have been completed till the next academic year.

However, it turned out that the same day was the birthday of the Registrar and the staff had organized a little celebration for him in his office. He was elated because it was a landmark birthday, though he didn’t want to have any elaborate celebration. So, he told his staff, that he would like to appreciate God by helping a candidate, and asked that they bring any candidate’s file, so he could choose an anonymous person. A lucky dip was done and my file was randomly picked.

And although, they saw that I did not make the cut off mark, the Registrar instructed that I be given admission for the course I originally applied for. When the staff mentioned that there was already a final list, the Registrar insisted, and said they should title this list “Final Continuous”.

Mine was the only name that made this special list and that was how I was admitted into the institution. Also, that was the first and last time a “Final continuous” list was used in the history of this institution.

God truly made a way where there was no way.
Glaucoma Healed
While taking a walk on the road, I was suddenly stopped by a wonderful elderly woman, who I know quite well and attends the same Church with me. She said that she has been trying to reach me for a while. I asked what the problem was and she said she had glaucoma on her left eye and could not see properly with it. She had already been scheduled for a surgery but she wanted me to pray with her first. So, I prayed with her that the surgery will be successful.

About a month later, we met again and she told me that she didn’t need to do that surgery. And explained that when she got to the hospital, they did a final check and found that the glaucoma had disappeared. And in fact, she can now see better with that left eye than the right one where she had no glaucoma.

She then asked that I pray for her again, so the right eye can become as clear as the left eye. I went ahead to pray then she left.

The very next evening, I was visiting another elderly woman, who happens to be a family friend in Ebute Metta Lagos. When I got to their house, she instructed someone to make dinner for me, and while waiting for the meal, I started sharing the testimony of the previous day with her and her sister.

As I was about eat, the woman interrupted my meal and asked that I pray for her first, as she also had glaucoma in her right eye and was due for surgery at the University College Hospital, Ibadan. I gladly paused, prayed with her, then resumed eating.

The next time I heard from her, she also confirmed that she did not have to do the surgery as the glaucoma simply disappeared. She also said that she could now see better with the right eye than the left one and had actually been trying to reach me so I can come pray over her left eye, and it can be as clear as the right one.