Church Groups

Women’s Fellowship

The Women’s Fellowship is made up of women from age 21 and above. This includes Young, Matured but Yet to be Married as well as the Married women of the Church. This group holds a quarterly prayer meeting and summits that further enhance the strength of the women in various walks of life to equip them to build stronger and love filled homes.

Men’s Fellowship

The Men’s Fellowship is made up Men from the age of 21 and above; both young adult and Married men. The Men meet regularly to fellowship and pray with one another.

Yet-to-be Married

Our Yet-to-be Married is a group of young and matured adults who are preparing for marital life. This fellowship equips members with all they need to be successful in life and in their future home. They meet to fellowship and pray as occasion demands.

Junior Church

This is the Junior arm of the Church that is focused on caring for the Children from Cradle to 18 years old. This is where children are exposed to the word of God early enough in life so that they will be built up in Faith. This group gathers to worship and fellowship every Sunday.