Service Units

At the Gracious Church, being service oriented is one of our core beliefs. Members are urged to join at least one Service Unit according to their capacity. These units make up the Church Workforce. We believe that service is a great avenue for God’s blessings to be made manifest in our lives. To join a unit, you can connect with any department by meeting with the Unit Head after service.

Prayer Unit

This is the intercessory arm of the Church. Prayer is believed to be the mainstay for a wholesome Christian life and Church in general. This unit prays for Members, Ministers, Pastors, the Church and the Nation. Their main focus is to provide ample spiritual support for the growth and development of the Ministry and its membership.s.

Protocol Unit

This is the arm of the Church that provides pastoral support and care for guests and visiting clergies. They handle Airport Pickups and Drop offs; to make the process of arrivals seamless and ensure the convenience of our guests. They liaise to ensure the comfort of our guests while they are with us and are responsible for all logistics of moving guests across the city or country as necessary.

Technical Unit

The Technical Unit is made up of Sound Engineers who manage the public address systems and all sound equipment of the Church. They ensure sound signal for service, and ensure smooth sound quality throughout the service. They provide audio recordings to aid the Media Unit with sermons and live stream. They ensure managing and maintenance of sound equipment

Music Unit

The Music Unit is made of Minstrels and Musicians who serve in leading the Church in worship sessions. They are known as the Worship Team. This unit ensures a soul lifting worship experience at every service. They are coordinated by a Music Director

Welfare unit

This is the hospitality unit of the Church. They distribute gifts according to need amongst the people within the Church and equally supervise the distribution of refreshments when necessary in Church events and special occasions.

Ushers Unit

The Ushering Unit is set up to receive first timers and returning members warmly. They ensure order, organize the service center, provide information as necessary and serve worshipers during services at The Gracious Church.

Media /Production Unit

The Media Unit serves to make the service a unique and enjoyable experience for worshipers through the display of scripture verses, Confessions, song lyrics, announcements, graphics and videos. They also manage the visibility of the Church on various social and other online platforms.

Care Givers Unit

The Care Givers Unit teach and care for the Children. The unit handles Children of different ages (from cradle to Teens) and teach them God’s word in a way they can understand with. Teaching methods are simplified, using symbols and images where necessary. Our children church gives every child the opportunity to know the Lord and learn His ways early. 

To join our Church workforce, kindly see the head of the unit and signify interest. Necessary requirements will be communicated to you.